Hui Homes

Hui Homes is a collective of people, coming together as family, to build tiny homes – that transition lives from tragedy to triumph.



Create an immediate housing solution for those displaced by the Maui wildfires.

A massive need…

An estimated 8,000 people have been displaced from their homes due to the Maui wildfires. The fires destroyed homes for thousands who are now looking for somewhere to live. Over 2,200 structures were lost to the fires. This has created a massive need for housing. People are without a place to live, families are hurting, and loved ones are grieving.



Rapidly Built and Easily Transported Tiny Mobile Units

Hui homes are able to be built quickly and can be transported to a site. This allows us to provide a solution to those displaced by the wildfires. Hui homes can be dropped onsite to be attached to existing homes or connected to water and electricity. They can be used as extra bedrooms to existing homes to allow families to house loved ones. Hui homes can be quickly built to allow us to provide housing for as many people as possible as quickly as possible. With your help we are providing housing to those who lost everything. Hui homes are able to be used for bedrooms/shelter. Utilities depend upon the location of the Hui home and what utilities are available. 

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Give Today

Our team has a passion to help those displaced in Maui, a vision to meet the need in front of them, and a heart to serve others. You can help by donating to Hui Homes. Your donation helps supply materials, building equipment, and resources to help us get homes to those in need. Hui Homes is currently operating under Made in Hope, a Maui non-profit, as we seek our own non-profit status.

Hui Homes Maui Materials
Hui Homes Maui Tiny Homes Hugs

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